Congress 2018

The Congress took place on 26th of October 2018  at the NH Hotel in Fribourg. The Program of the congress was very interesting.

Look back of our Congress 2018 in Fribourg

It is with great joy and satisfaction that we look back to our successful last congress that has taken place in Fribourg on October 26, 2018. It has been the second annual congress of our professional association SPCRC. The number of more than 140 participants has exceeded all expectations!

The programme was a diversified mixture of topics that are of importance for our profession. The opening lecture “ Does clinical research provide an essential contribution to sustainable medicine?” was an ideal introduction to our professional field and to the following lectures. The excellent speakers presented the state of knowledge and personal thoughts on essential topics like patient empowerment in clinical research, and on more prosaic but equally important topics like data protection, SOPs, and GCP inspections. It was also quite interesting to learn how pharmaceutical companies perceive study nurses and study coordinators!

These topics stimulated interesting discussions at the end of the lectures and during the breaks. The breaks also provided ideal opportunities for networking, for meeting old friends and making new friends.


The success of the second congress and the very positive feedbacks are motivating us to continue working for benefit of our profession. The next annual congress is one element of these efforts. It should contribute to strengthen our professional profile and our position as essential players in the field of clinical research.

Your SPCRC Board